Duck Hunt - shop

Id Name Description XP cost
1 Extra bullet One bullet is added directly in the gun chamber. 7
2 Extra clip One clip is added to your stock. 20
3 AP ammo
Damage x2 for 24h.
Helps killing golden ducks.
4 Explosive ammo Damage x3 for 24h.
Helps killing golden ducks.
5 Repurchase confiscated gun Allows you to get your gun back without having to wait. 40
6 Grease Reduces the odds of jaming by 50% for 24h and protects from sand once. 8
7 Sight Improves accuracy for the next shot by (100 - current accuracy) / 3. 6
8 Infrared detector Locks the trigger when there is no duck on sight, thus helping you to save bullets.
Works for 24h, blocks 6 times.
9 Silencer Muffles most of the noise from your gun for 24h so ducks don't get frightened and escape. 5
10 Four-leaf clover Win a random XP bonus for each duck you shoot for 24h.
Bonus can be from 1 to 10 and is determined at purchase.
11 Sunglasses Protects from mirror induced glares for 24h. 5
12 Spare clothes Dry set of clothes. Useful when someone poured a bucket of water on you. 7
13 Brush for gun Cancels the sabotage and removes sand from your gun. 7
14 Mirror Dazzles another player of your choice and make him lose 50% of his accuracy for his next shot. 7
15 Handful of sand Throw sand on the gun of another player of your choice, his jamming odds will increase by 50% for the next shot.
Cancels effects from the grease.
16 Water bucket Throw a bucket of water on the hunter of your choice, forcing him to wait 1h for his clothes to dry before he can hunt again. 10
17 Sabotage Sabotage the weapon of another player.
His weapon will jam and explode at his face the next time he press the trigger.
18 Life insurance Single use insurance policy allowing you to gain a bonus worth 2x the hunter level if you are the victim of a hunting accident for one week. 10
19 Liability insurance Divides the XP penality for hunting accidents by 3 for two days. 5
20 Decoy Attracts a duck in the next 10 minutes. 8
21 Piece of bread Throw pieces of bread to improve the probability of seeing ducks for 1h.
Bread also makes ducks stay 20 seconds longer.
Multiple pieces of bread can be bought to cumulate the effects.
22 Ducks detector Single use device allowing a hunter to be warned by a notice when the next duck soars. 5
23 Mechanical duck Make a prank to other hunters by launching a fake duck. They will not gain any XP from it and lose their ammo.
The duck will be automatically launched 10 minutes after you buy it.

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